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Strategic IP Consulting

Culpepper IP advises clients of the best cost-effective approach to protect their valuable intellectual property in view of their business goals.

Options for protecting intellectual property include design and utility patent protection, trade secret protection, mask work protection, trade dress protection, etc. Which options are available and best differ depending on the type of intellectual property

Culpepper IP can meet with your technical and business staff directly and lead brain storming sessions to develop the inventions.

Global Patent Prosecution

Culpepper IP can help you build a valuable US patent portfolio, and can work with international partners to aggressively build a valuable global Patent Portfolio.

Pre-Litigation and Litigation Support

Researching patent file and prior art to provide opinions on validity, preparing claim charts and presentations on theories of infringement and non-infringement. Can provide local non-lead counsel at the Federal District Court of Hawai’i.

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